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New National PTA Learning Series

10 Minutes to PTA the Transformative Way

10 Minutes to PTA the Transformative Way is dedicated to helping leaders make their family engagement more transformative! Our first season focused on making your PTA more inclusive. This season, the webseries addresses how PTAs can better connect with teachers, school leaders and other parts of the education system. Tune in to learn from PTA leaders and experts in the field!

New videos come out every other Wednesday, so make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications.

After watching each week’s video of 10 Minutes to PTA the Transformative Way, be sure to check out the reflection questions and related resources attached to each episode.

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Transformative Family Engagement eLearning Course

Are you a local PTA leader who wants to learn practical strategies to make your family engagement practices more transformative?

Our new e-learning course is designed to help PTAs be role models and advocates for more equitable and effective family engagement practices in their schools.

This 25 minute course describes the “Four I's” of transformative family engagement—being inclusive, individualized, integrated, and impactful—and gives you examples of what they look like in action. National PTA log-in required.



Transformative Family Engagement

Family Engagement in a Virtual World

This webinar will help your PTA pivot to virtual programming that will engage and connect your community!

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Transforming Events with the Four 'I's of Family Engagement

This webinar will help your PTA take its events to the next level!

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Advocating for School Funding with an Equity Lens

What do families know about school funding? What areas do they feel are adequately or inadequately funded? And what are the implications of this for PTA leaders’ work advocating for all children? National PTA partnered with council PTAs and talked with more than 150 parents to answer these questions and more. Join us for a presentation of our findings and to hear directly from PTA leaders, about their experiences advocating on issues related to school funding.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Tools to Turn Your Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into Action

Start your DEI journey in three steps! First, complete the diversity profile which asks you to reflect on who in your community is represented in the PTA and who is missing. Second, reach out and start talking with your community. The facilitator’s guide empowers leaders to start conversations with people who they have struggled to engage. Third, use the DEI action plan template to develop steps to become more inclusive.

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