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National PTA STEM Initiative

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STEM + Families: Math Grants Toolkit

Sponsored by Mathnasium

Hosting a Math Event

Use this STEM + Families Toolkit for hosting a successful Math Event at your Elementary School. We have organized the process into 5 steps with links to documents and sample templates you can customize for your own PTA and school. 

STEP 1: Make Connections

Schedule a date on your school calendar for the Math Event and start engaging your school community in discussions around the importance of STEM education. Reach out to your school administrators, teachers and families. Check to see if there is a Mathnasium in your territory to co-host your Math Event. 

STEP 2: Plan Your Event

Form a planning committee by inviting parents in STEM careers and teachers of STEM subjects to join. Recruit at least 10 volunteers to help during the Math Event. Organize your tasks, create a budget and schedule deadlines. Reach out to local partners to gain donations and community volunteers.

STEP 3: Promote Your Event

Utilize as many platforms as possible for promoting your event. Translate documents into languages your school community speaks.

STEP 4: Host Your Event

Ensure that everything goes smoothly at your Math Event! Offer take-aways to parents who attend to help them retain and build on what they learned.

STEP 5: Wrap Up

Be sure to thank your PTA, Mathnasium, school staff, community partners and parent volunteers. Gather feedback, report your results to National PTA and use the findings to plan your next event. National PTA recommends offering an incentive for completing the survey (e.g. enter names into a drawing for a $50 gift card donated by a local merchant).


Email or call (800) 307-4782.

National PTA does not endorse any commercial entity, product, or service. No endorsement of Mathnasium is implied.