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Steps for Celebrating Healthy Lifestyles Month

Step #1: Determine Your Goal

A goal gives you a foundation to build a plan. Your PTA’s goal for Healthy Lifestyles Month will help you design:

  • Specific health messages to influence students’ and families’ behavior
  • Fun and family-focused ways to deliver educational messages
  • Strategies that will yield a longer-term impact for students in your school and community

Sample goals:

  • To encourage families to make healthier nutrition choices, such as drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables
  • To challenge families to reduce their screen time and enjoy more active play time together.


Step #2: Recruit Partners

Now that you have a goal in mind, you have something to rally volunteers around. Think about the parents, teachers, school staff (e.g., food service personnel, school nurse, physical education teachers, coaches) and students who are already passionate about health and wellness. Ask them to participate in a planning session.
Sample planning session agenda:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Review goal and previous PTA health education efforts
  • Identify key education messages for families
  • Determine ways to deliver these messages
  • Assess barriers to desired health behaviors in school environments
  • Consider community organizations or resources that could support the plan
  • Determine specific next steps and program timeline

Step #3: Action!

Put your plan into effect. See Ideas for Celebrating Healthy Lifestyles Month for specific suggestions.


Step #4: Keep the Momentum Going

Use Healthy Lifestyles Month as a kickoff to a year-round effort to encourage health and safety for families in your school and community.