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Student Learning

Academic achievement has always been paramount. But, in today’s changing economy the need for advanced skills and technical knowledge is growing. Showing our children that we value learning and education is important and will pay off in the long run as they mature. When parents are involved in their children's educations, student achievement improves.

Student academic achievement starts with you helping your child succeed by providing a home that encourages learning and supports your child’s physical, mental, and emotional development. Use these parent resources to help your child achieve success in school.


Homework Help

Advice for parents on how they can assist with homework and test preparation.


"There is a continuous partnership between family, school and community that keeps this crucial area of learning growing..."

Helping Students Achieve

Information on how you can assist with your child's learning including test preparation, communication, and special needs resources.

Special Needs

Resources for parents of kids with special needs or gifted and talented children.

Working With Schools and Communities

Resources for working with teachers, school administrators, and the community at large for the benefit of your child.