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Parent Guides

Childhood Obesity Overview
Information on the growing problem of childhood obesity.

Helping Your Overweight Teen
Ways to support your teen in efforts to lose weight and get fit.

Helping Families Make Wise Food Choices
Tips for parents on how to introduce more nutritious meals and healthy habits.

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips
How to make better food choices while shopping and educate your children about food marketing.

State of Nutrition in Schools
Good news and bad news on the nutrition offerings in schools today.

Getting Children to Eat Right
Methods for encouraging children to eat more healthful foods.

Nutrition Overview
What you need to know about nutrition (from PTA's Healthy Lifestyles Guide).


PTA Publications & Presentations

PTA Healthy Lifestyles Guide
A parent's guide to nutrition, fitness, grocery shopping, school wellness policies, and vaccinations.


Resolutions & Position Statements

Position Statement on Nutrition and Families
PTA's position on ensuring current and accurate nutrition information.

Healthy eating habits formed during childhood lead to a healthy life. Proper nutrition is key. Parents can teach their children good eating habits by being positive role models in their own choices and by explaining to their children the importance of a balanced diet and how to choose healthy options from each food group. These resources will help you prepare more nutritious meals and be able to discuss more healthy food choices.