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Urban Family Engagement Network

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The National PTA Urban Family Engagement Network increases the number of families in urban areas who understand specific ways to collaborate with schools to support their children’s education. Families learn how to navigate the local school systems and effectively advocate for better educational outcomes for all children.

Local PTA Urban Family Engagement Network teams address the barriers and issues that prevent urban parents and families from being actively involved through exposure to collaborative community partners and by providing relevant materials and leadership classes.

Urban Family Engagement Network provides an opportunity for parents, caregivers, administrators, policy makers, and community stakeholders at all levels to work together to ensure urban students reach their fullest potential.

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The Urban Family Engagment Network is located in six different sites. In order to address any obstacles that families might have, the project offers childcare, translation services, interpreting and meals. Sessions are offered in small group settings making it comfortable for families to discuss ways to be involved. 

In the span of 30 months, the UFEN Teams were able to achieve the following outcomes in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Identification of the key influencers affecting the problem and support for working toward solutions.

Phases 2-3: Of the families that are on track to complete the PTA Community Engagement training program, 50 percent have completed the curriculum and 75 percent have demonstrated an increased understanding and comfort level with participating in their child’s education, including school events.

Phases 3-4: Of the family members that joined the PTA Urban Family Engagement Network as Community Engagement Leaders, 75 percent understand how they can continue to support their own child’s education, and are taking action to expand their support of other children and families in their community.

Phase 4: The PTA Urban Family Engagement Network has the ability to sustain its efforts for the long-term through community partnerships, member support, and outside funding.

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Urban Family Engagement Network Teams

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