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Standard 2 - Communicating Effectively

Families and school staff engage in regular, two-way, meaningful communication about student learning.

Many ways that schools deliver information, such as handouts, newsletters, handbooks, and websites, do not provide an easy and routine way for families to respond. Even PTA/parent group meetings are often seen by school leaders merely as a way to get the message out to families. The most effective way to build a real partnership is to create regular opportunities for open, honest dialogue.

There is one main goal for Standard 2:

Share information between school and families.
All families should feel that the school keeps them informed on important issues and that it is easy to communicate with teachers, the principal, and other staff. Creating a perception that a dominant group of parents is in the know while everyone else is in the dark reduces trust and stifles the free flow of ideas.


By achieving Standard 2, schools and PTAs can answer these questions with a resounding yes:

  • Does your school offer many different ways to communicate every day?
  • Does the school or PTA survey families at least once a year to find out what’s on their minds?
  • Are the principal and other school administrators easily accessible to any parent?
  • Do the school and PTA/parent group make it easy for parents and families to build connections and communicate with each other? 

Access the resources below for ways to communicate effectively.



Success Story: Eastwood Elementary
How one elementary school improved communication between the school and families.



Action Steps
Ways parents and leaders can communicate more effectively


Additional Resources

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