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Standard 3 - Supporting Student Success

Families and school staff continuously collaborate to support students’ learning and healthy development both at home and at school, and have regular opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and skills to do so effectively.

Parent involvement in children’s education has an impact on student success, not just in school but throughout life. When families are involved, students:

  • Earn higher grades;
  • Attend school more regularly;
  • Enjoy school more and behave better; and
  • Are more likely to go on to postsecondary education.

However, to become engaged in ways that boost student achievement, many families need information and encouragement from school staff and PTA/parent group leaders.


There are two main goals for Standard 3

Share information about student progress.
Families should be informed of how their children are doing in school, as well as how the entire school is progressing. Questions that this standard addresses include:

  • Do parents and teachers communicate about student progress?
  • Do parents learn what good work looks like for their child’s age and grade?
  • Does the school use test results to inform parents which student skills need strengthening?

Support learning by engaging families.
Families should be active participants in their children’s learning at home and at school.

  • Are families invited to observe their children’s classrooms?
  • How do schools help families strengthen learning at home?
  • What after-school learning opportunities are there?

Access the resources below for ways to support student success.



Success Story: Fremont High School
How a high school PTSA worked to raise student achievement



Action Steps
Ways for parents and schools to work together to support student success


Additional Resources

Standard 3 Resources
Word document listing additional resources for Standard 3