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Working With Schools and Communities

Being an involved parent means more than helping with homework or attending school functions. Communicating with teachers and school administrators is a crucial element of parent involvement. Knowing how to effectively talk with teachers about your child's progress can pay big dividends. Understanding what to ask at parent-teacher conferences can produce better results. Partnering with principals can go a long way toward improving student achievement.

This resource will help you communicate more effectively with teachers and school administrators for the benefit of your child...and for all children. 


Parent Guides

10 Things Schools/Teachers Wish Parents Would Do (PDF)

10 Partnering Tips for a Strong School Community
A foundation for building relationships with principals to improve student achievement

10 Ways for Parents to Help Teachers
Tips for preparing students for learning and life lessons

Making Parent-Teacher Conferences Work for Your Child
A strategy for a successful parent-teacher conference


PTA Publications & Presentations

Tips for Communicating With Teachers Effectively
Ways to enhance communication between you and your child's teachers