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We would like to thank you for participating in the Membership Management Database Pilot being offered by National PTA in your state.

On this page you’ll find resources to help make your experience as a local leader using the membership management system run more smoothly.

Getting Started

Step One: Complete and Send ACH

You can find the ACH form in the appendix of the Local Leader Manual. Please include the name of your PTA and PTA number on the form. It will take three business days to have your PTA’s configuration completed at National PTA.

Step Two: Sign-In

Sign-in to your current PTA account at No account? Create an account at

Note: Your local unit must be set up in the system in order for you to join online. Once you have created your account, the State PTA office will set you up as an officer.

Step Three: Manage Dues Structure

Create your dues structure at

Step Four: Ask Other Officers to Join

Ask your other officers to participate at

Note: If they do not have an account, they will need to create one first at

Step Five: Edit Officers

Your PTA’s officers can access the database and edit the titles of all officers who join online. Learn how to do this on pages 16-18 of the Local Leader Manual.

*If you have a VP Membership, that person should have access to the database and edit their title to “Membership Chair.”

Step Six: Update Your PTA Information

Verify your PTA’s information. Check your data for accuracy on the main page by clicking on the Details tab. Notify your State PTA office if there are any discrepancies.

Step Seven: Review Our Resources

Review the PTA Membership System - Local Leader Manual for how-to tools to use for each of those options and more.

Video Tutorials

Setting Up PTA Membership Dues
Upload Instructions for Member Data
Adding Members to Database



Please work with your state office with any additional questions.


Kansas PTA

715 Southwest 10th Street
Topeka, KS 66612-1617

Phone: 785-234-5782
Fax: 785-234-4170
Toll Free: 888-311-5782


Montana PTA

PO Box 1269
Laurel, MT 59044-1269

Phone: 406-628-9007

Packages:410 Colorado Ave, Room 209
Laurel, MT 59044-2714


Virginia PTA/PTSA

1027 Wilmer Ave
Richmond, VA 23227-2414

Phone: 804-264-1234
Fax: 804-264-4014
Toll-Free: 866-482-5437