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Lideres Locales de la PTA

To access our eLearning courses, you will need an online National PTA profile. For assistance with creating a profile or registering for a course, please read the eLearning registration guide.

Notice: As of June 20, 2017, it was brought to our attention that the Google Chrome browser may experience incompatibilities with the eLearning courses. We are investigating this issue, and suggest users who encounter problems use Internet Explorer in the meantime. Thank you.

Local Leaders

Courses for Local Leaders

These courses are designed specifically for local PTA leaders. All of the courses in this section will help new and experienced local leaders improve their leadership skills, and illuminate areas of running a local PTA that new leaders may not currently be aware of. View the course list.

All Leaders

Courses for All PTA Leaders

These courses are designed specifically for State, Regional and Council Leaders – or any PTA volunteer interested in PTA leadership growth. All the courses in this section will help new and experienced leaders refine their leadership skills, and shed light on areas of supporting local PTA units and running a State PTA. View the course list.

Spanish Leaders

Cursos para líderes locales de la PTA

Estos cursos están diseñados específicamente para los líderes locales de la PTA. Todos los cursos de esta sección ayudarán a los líderes locales nuevos y experimentados a refinar sus habilidades de liderazgo y arrojan luz sobre los principales aspectos de la administración de una PTA local. Ver la lista de cursos.

Contact the Training Department at or 800-307-4782.