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Local Leader Resource Bank

Use the documents in this resource bank to help you run a successful PTA.

Building Today's PTA

Back to School Kit

BTSK 2015-2016 Picture

The 2016-2017 Official Back-to-School Kit is a set of resources for local leaders to use as you serve your communities and manage your local units. The kit includes easy-to-use guides and customizable tools and materials for the president, treasurer, and membership and program chairs.  If you have any questions regarding the Back-to-School Kit please contact us at

E-Learning for Local Leaders

National PTA E-Learning courses allow you to gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively serve your community. For more information on our courses please visit our E-Learning site.   


Family Reading Experience Program - Engage the entire family in improving reading skills for students between kindergarten and fifth grade.

Local PTA Reflections Toolkit - Recognize student achievements in the arts with the National PTA Reflections program.


Treasurer Resources