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Bylaws, Parliamentary Procedures and Amendments

Parliamentary procedure is a set of rules for conducting orderly meetings that accomplish goals fairly. Benefits fo parliamentary procedure include courtesy, maintenance of order, ability for each member to provide input and more.

Below you will find a link to a parliamentary procedure outline. For more information:

  • View the President's Quick-Reference Guide chapter on effective meetings.
  • Take the parliamentary procedure e-learning course.

Bylaws are the rules the local unit must follow. They provide structure of the local unit board, information on required meeting dates and other information necessary for the unit to function. Bylaws are adopted and amended by a vote of your unit's members at a general meeting. PTA bylaws may not conflict with the National PTA bylaws or your state PTA. 

PTA Bylaws Overview and Tip Sheet
A quick guide to PTA bylaws including a checklist and additional resources

Parliamentary Procedures Tip Sheet
Parliamentary procedure outline: steps to process a motion, call for a vote, and make amendments.

Installation Ceremony Ideas
Leadership transition checklist and ideas for installation ceremonies for new officers.