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Diversity & Inclusion in Your PTA

Diversity Hands

An organization that recognizes diversity values differences and similarities among people through its actions and accountability. These characteristics include age, ethnicity, gender, language and culture, socioecomonic status, among many different things.

PTAs everywhere must understand and embrace the uniqueness of all individuals.

When PTAs respect differences yet acknowledge shared commonalities uniting their communities, and then develop meaningful priorities based upon their knowledge, they genuinely represent their communities. When PTAs represent their communities, they gain strength and effectiveness through increased volunteer and resource support.

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Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award

The Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes PTAs that best demonstrate outstanding achievement in the areas of diversity and inclusion, as well as efforts to end discriminatory practices. The award is presented to one local, council, or district, and one state PTA. Visit the Award page or email for more info.