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Dues Increase Messaging Resources

After 10 years of rising costs absorbed by National PTA, delegates to the 115th National PTA Convention approved a 50-cent dues increase, raising the national dues to $2.25. The dues increase had been approved by the Board of Directors and recommended by the Finance Committee. President Betsy Landers has pledged the full support of the National PTA officers, Board of Directors and staff in helping state and local units implement this dues increase.

The resources below are intended to assist state and local units in messaging the importance of the dues increase to units as well as help them in implementing the dues increase effectively. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

(Updated June 24)

Additional Resources

What Will National PTA Deliver to Local Units?

Dues Reporting and Treasurer Responsibilities
Checklist of treausurer responsibilties and dues reporting tasks for PTAs

Dues Tip Sheet
Checklist from the 2011-12 Money Matters Quick-Reference Guide

State PTA Website Links
Links to state PTA websites

Sample Local Unit Bylaws
A model for local PTA bylaws

Sample Council Unit Bylaws
A model for council PTA bylaws

Sample State Unit Bylaws
A model for state PTA bylaws

Sample Membership Application
Sample membership application in English

Sample Membership Application (Spanish)
Sample membership application in Spanish