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Installation Ceremony Ideas

Transition Checklist
Creating a smooth transfer of leadership responsibilities ensures that your PTA remains healthy and active—and that children continue to benefit. An incumbent president should:

  • Meet with the incoming leadership team. Discuss the past year’s successes and failures, the coming year’s objectives and expectations, and how to facilitate the transition. Help the new leaders get to know the community, its people, its goals, and its traditions.
  • Arrange meetings with contacts. Make personal introductions for the new team to the principal, teachers, community leaders, and others. Emphasize everyone’s commitment to continue serving the needs of children.
  • Hand over records. Pass along the procedure book and other pertinent records; make sure all passwords and account information (for banking, e-mail, etc.) change hands as well.
  • Introduce the new team to the membership. It’s just as important for the new team to meet the membership as it is for them to meet contacts. Also encourage the incoming leaders to meet members outside of meetings and to have informal discussions with the board.
  • Change contact information. Update names, e-mail addresses, and the rest on your website, in official records, and in your membership database.

For a suggested installation theme and ceremony, download "Installation Ideas," a PDF produced by the Shelby County Council PTA in Tennessee.

For even more ideas, go to the following page on the Lewisville (TX) Council PTA website under the heading Installation Ceremonies.