Templates, Tools & Resources

Templates, Tools, & Resources


These advocacy resources will help you and your team to further the mission of PTA: to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Family Engagement and the Every Student Succeeds Act

The Center for Family Engagement: Family engagement should transform the lives of every child in America. That’s why we are investing in our mission with the Center for Family Engagement.

Transformative Family Engagement: Engaging and empowering families is at the heart of PTA’s mission. But how do you do it? Take this course to identify practical ways your PTA and school can engage families in more meaningful ways (~45 minutes).

What is Transformative Family Engagement?: featuring National PTA Family Engagement Fellow Tracie Potts (~5 minutes).

What Makes a Good ESSA Report Card (~60 minutes)

National PTA Programs

National PTA Programs present engaging, educational and fun opportunities that inspire, recognize and strengthen/impact all students and their families. These programs are easy to implement in your school and community.

Explore All National PTA Programs

PTA Programs Overview
This one-page document summarizes National PTAs programs for your students, school, and community.

School of Excellence 
PTA’s signature school recognition program is dedicated to strengthen family-school partnerships. Enroll for everything your PTA needs to champion change for every child.

Reflections Arts Program
For over 50 years, Reflections has sparked student participation in the arts. Celebrate arts education and student achievement by hosting exhibitions and celebration events for the whole school community.

STEM + Families
Spark, inspire and engage students and families with hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math experiences hosted by your PTA. Learning in school and at home has never been this fun!

Healthy Lifestyles
Healthy kids make better students, so help your PTA families thrive. Use our tips and tools to improve school meals, create a positive school climate and offer fun physical activities.

PTA Connected
Let’s keep our kids safe, kind and secure online! Connect parents to the tools and research they need to explore solutions to today’s biggest online concerns.

Advocacy Toolkit

PTA Advocacy Toolkit: This toolkit is designed to help child advocates speak up for the health and wellbeing of all children.

Advocacy Training: the Full Training Manual

Advocacy Links, Videos, and E-learning

PTA Mission: PTA's mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Key Moments in PTA's History: Discover the legacy you are part of as PTA leader. Since 1897, PTA has leveraged its network of millions of families, students, teachers, educators and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success and well-being of every child (~3 minutes).

Why PTA is Important to Me: Learn why PTAs are so vital to every child's education (~2 minutes).

PTA Basics – History, Structure, Programs & Advocacy: Discover PTA’s history, structure, programs, and the issues for which it advocates (~30 minutes).

Effective Advocacy for Your Child: Organize around local issues and address them to benefit the needs of children and your community. This course is designed for emerging local leaders, but all are welcome to attend (~30 minutes).

Writing and Proposing PTA Resolutions: Stories combined with advice make the resolution development process easy (~30 minutes).