Political Elections

Political Elections


Casting a ballot is one of the most important things you can do to advocate for your children. Being educated about candidates for public office and what they stand for is critical to advocating effectively.
When PTA members are informed, we become a powerful voice for all children—and local PTA units have a role in supporting informed decisions at the ballot box!

PTAs can:

  • Host candidate forums
  • Publish candidates' responses in a questionnaire
  • Educate candidates about an issue (as long as all information is is provided to all candidates in a race)
  • Support or oppose a ballot measure (in alignment with PTA's mission, purpose, resolutions, and positions)
  • Help register new voters
  • Remind and encourage members to vote

Because of our 501(c)(3) status, there are a few things that PTA cannot do.

PTAs cannot:

  • Endorse a candidate or a political party for public office
  • Make a campaign contribution
  • Invite only one candidate or political party in an election to speak to the PTA
  • Ask candidates to sign pledges on any issue (tacit endorsement)
  • Tell PTA members to only vote for a candidate who supports a certain position, or rate candidates according to their position on an issue
  • Distribute any campaign materials on behalf of a candidate
  • Wear campaign buttons or political t-shirts during a PTA meeting