Tracking & Reporting

Tracking & Reporting Membership


Your PTA should maintain an accurate list of members to determine who is eligible to vote at meetings and who is eligible for member-specific discounts at PTA events (if applicable). Good record-keeping is also crucial for your recruitment and retention efforts. It will help you keep track of members, dues payments, and mailings.

If possible, use a membership database system with an online marketing or email tool. Check with your state PTA on what's available and how to use it. An online marketing or email tool can help you:

  • track member behavior in one place
  • quickly communicate with members who are not able to attend meetings
  • spread the word about new member benefits
  • recruit volunteers or announce open volunteer positions
  • share dates of upcoming meetings and events

Tracking Dues

If your PTA uses an online system that allows people to enter their membership and then send a check for payment, you should track the balance—called an accounts receivable—until payment is received. Configure your system to actively reach out to the person, if payment is not received within a short period of time, e.g., 2 weeks. Stay connected until payment is received and processed.

The Membership Chair should work with your PTA Treasurer to ensure that the state and National PTA portions of membership dues (as well as district and council dues, where relevant) are properly accounted for and forwarded in a timely manner to the appropriate association.