Templates, Tools & Resources

Templates, Tools, & Resources


These basic tools and templates will help a local leader navigate his/her basic PTA activities close to home.

Using Parliamentary Procedures for Effective Meetings: Learn how rules of conduct positively affect PTA decision-making, while ensuring fair and orderly unit operations (~30 minutes).

Taking & Approving Meeting Minutes: A brief guide on how to properly take meeting minutes for any Local PTA Secretary (~10 minutes).

Leadership Links, Videos, and E-Learning

ABCs of PTA Leadership featuring National PTA President Leslie Boggs (~7 minutes).

Inclusive Leadership featuring National PTA President-Elect Anna King (~4 minutes).

Explore National PTA’s Ready-to-Go Programs featuring National PTA’s Programs Committee Chair Kelly Langston (~3 minutes).

Steps to Becoming a PTA School of Excellence: National PTA School of Excellence is a recognition program that supports and celebrates partnerships between PTAs and schools to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for all students. (~5 minutes).

Reflections Leader Training: Learn the step-by-step process, gather resources and acquire best practices for encouraging creativity in your school (~30 minutes).

Planning Your PTA Year: Learn to keep volunteers motivated by putting an achievable plan together for the year (~30 minutes).