Growing Membership

Growing Membership


Leading your PTA begins with relationships. Your relationships with school administrators, teachers, staff families, students and communities will drive membership growth.

A strong and engaged membership benefits all kids in your school and throughout your community. Family engagement is linked to higher graduation rates, improved test scores, and teacher retention—among other important outcomes. When your membership is strong—your PTA voice is strong too.

Designing Your PTA/PTSA Membership Plan is as Easy as P. L. A. N.

PICTURE ways to reach and attract possible PTA/PTSA members. Begin by picturing who your members are, where you can connect with them and how you can renew and attract more than ever. Set a membership goal.

LISTEN to what matters most to parents, students and school staff. Align your PTA’s efforts with their priorities.

ASK possible members to join PTA by sharing PTA’s focus on what matters most to them

NURTURE relationships year-round by communicating the impact your PTA/PTSA is making for your students, school and community.