Product Sales

Product Sales


Many PTAs use product sales as part of their fundraising strategy.

Product Sale Ideas

  • Host a book fair or silent auction. One fun idea is to sell products (e.g., mugs, mousepads, shirts) featuring Reflections artwork made by the students for purchase by family and friends.
  • Sell "spirit-wear" with the school colors and mascot, distributing order forms in September and at key points throughout the year.
  • Sell fruit, gift wrap or other gift items (rather than candy or baked goods) before the holidays.
  • Sell bottled water and healthy treats at PTA and school events.

Take care to structure any sales or agreements to avoid unrelated business income. The money received by PTAs should be accounted for as contributions on their financial statements.

Also, when monies from product sales arrive, as in all cases when funds are received, the Treasurer and the Fundraising Chair should count the money together. Both should sign the receipt verifying the amount.