A well-planned fundraising event serves multiple purposes. In addition to raising money to support PTA programs and goals, it can also further PTA's mission by engaging families and enhancing children's health and education.

Step 1: Decide on Your Event

Some examples of fun, engaging PTA fundraising events:

There are numerous for-profit fundraising companies that can help a PTA execute such an activity in exchange for shared revenue. These types of activities are healthy options and also eliminate the need for PTAs to manage inventory (i.e., products) which reduces the burden on PTA volunteers.

Eat It Up

Invite chefs from local restaurants to host healthy cooking classes for families for a small fee. Create and sell a healthy cookbook, created from recipes submitted by your PTA members and local food service providers. Sell healthy treats at a PTA booth at other school events.

Consider the ways the event will help you raise money

A mix of fundraising tactics can help you raise money at an event, including:

  • Sponsorship
  • Silent auctions with in-kind gifts or services
  • Ticket sales
  • Food sales
  • Special activities (i.e., pony rides, crazy hair booth, face painting)
  • Vendor tables (i.e., craft, jewelry or clothing entrepreneurs)
  • Membership table
  • Advertising opportunities in event program
Assess your facility

In choosing where to host your event, consider the following:

  • Are there special requirements or restrictions for using the facility?
  • Are fire laws and safety precautions strictly observed?
  • Is the facility (including entrances, meeting rooms and restrooms) accessible to people with disabilities?
  • Do you need any additional insurance?

Step 2: Seek Sponsorship

A well-written, carefully thought out sponsorship proposal can mean the difference between securing the funding you need to support your goals or ending up in the red.

This Sample Proposal Outline may help you secure the funds and/or product donations needed to meet or exceed your PTA fundraising goals. See Corporate Sponsorship for more information.

Step 3: Day of the Event

Make sure that your event is well-staffed and every volunteer knows who to go to with a problem. If the person in charge will carry a cell phone, give every volunteer the number. Volunteers should wear something distinctive, so that members of the public know who to alert when a problem arises.

Also, at a fundraising event, as in all cases when funds are received, the Treasurer and the Fundraising Chair should count the money together. Both should sign the receipt verifying the amount.

Step 4: Make Sure You Are Covered

Contact your insurance broker or company and ask them to review your policy with you, to ensure your event is covered. Some common PTA events, like a carnival with a dunk tank, often require added, special insurance. If there are gaps, situation or event-specific insurance (often called a "rider") is available at a reasonable cost. Failing to secure the appropriate insurance for your PTA events and activities can be extremely costly in the event of an injury or mishap.

Get Moving
Consider a fundraiser that also encourages physical activity. Sponsor a bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or 5K walk/run. Host a schoolwide dance. Plan a parent-teacher basketball game and sell tickets.
Make It a Date
Give the parents and caregivers in your school community a well-earned break, by hosting an adults-only event such as a themed party.