Local PTA Treasurers are responsible for submitting monthly and annual reports to the board and membership. You and your Board are also responsible for the reporting to the federal government or IRS.

Monthly Reporting

A Treasurer's report should be submitted at each meeting of the association. This monthly report should include:

  • A detailed Balance Sheet as of the end of the month
  • A detailed year-to-date Income Statement that compares the actual revenue and expenses to the budget and shows a favorable (or unfavorable) variance
  • The monthly bank reconciliation and related bank statement
  • Dues received for state, national and any other PTA entity in your state's structur
  • Special funds

This report should display how the amounts received and expended to-date compare with corresponding items in the approved budget. A variance tells a story between what the PTA intended to do versus what occurred. Be prepared to answer all questions promptly, and have all records available at the meeting.

The monthly Treasurer's report should then be attached to the minutes of the meeting at which it is presented, and retained in the association's records. Changes in the budget, whether in income or expenditures, must be presented as amendments to the budget.

These reports should be given to the auditor or auditing committee during the audit process.

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Treasurer’s Annual Report

At the end of the PTA's fiscal year, you should close the financial records and prepare an annual financial report that includes a balance sheet and income statement covering the entire fiscal year. Give a preliminary annual report to the membership at the annual meeting. This report is for information only and is not officially adopted. The report becomes official after the audit has been completed and the audit report is officially adopted by the membership.

The Treasurer's annual report and the audit report are filed with the permanent financial records after your PTA has approved the audit. It is strongly recommended that a financial management checklist be filed with the annual financial reports.

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