PTA Finance 101

PTA Finance 101


Be sure to tackle your role using Your First 30 Days as a Treasurer as a guide, then delve into the particulars of finance in this section.

See PTA's Finance Templates, Tools & Resources

Congrats and thank you for taking on this important role for your PTA! PTA Treasurers play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the organization.

This guide shares best practices for budgeting, banking and conducting a PTA audit, with specialized information on contracts, incorporation, insurance and federal tax requirements.

Key Strategies for Smart Money Management

  • Keep PTA funds separate. PTA funds should never be deposited into a personal account, school account or the account of any other organization or group.
  • Get help. Effective financial management requires support from many leaders and members, including finance, budget and audit/internal review committees.
  • Put proper financial procedures in place to help protect your PTA from theft and fraud.