Photography & Videography

Photography and Videography


Photos and videos convey the excitement of a school carnival or the size of a crowd at a town hall meeting like nothing else.

They add great visual interest to any form of communication your PTA might create, and they can be great to share with your local media. With the advent of smartphones, users can quickly and easily capture images and video footage. But to get the best quality pictures and video possible, it is a good idea to find a volunteer with experience and a good camera. Always remember to give credit where credit is due. With each image, be sure to include the name of both the photographer and the PTA.

Release Forms

In the digital age where a picture can spread across the Internet in a matter of minutes, many families are sensitive about their privacy, particularly when it comes to their children. To protect your PTA from possible legal difficulty and to respect these sensitivities, it is recommended that you obtain a release form for pictures with children and for any photos you intend to use in advertising or on merchandise for sale

To aid in the process of securing release forms, consider creating an annual form that families can sign or recording a verbal consent on film. You should retain release forms for the life of the photo. It should be noted that school release forms are not a replacement for PTA forms. National PTA will not publish any photographs without a signed release form.