Communicate to Share the Work of PTA

It is critical to keep your members apprised of the work that PTA is doing and how they can play a part. This guide shares tips and best practices to effectively share messages with fellow PTA members, school staff and administrators, community members, and the media.

PTA Branding

Applied consistently, these guidelines will create distinctive, credible and sustainable messaging for all supporting PTA units, resulting in the organization working as one association with one voice.

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A PTA newsletter, whether print or electronic, contains several short articles and graphics that bulletin important information for a specific group of recipients. This section includes the information you need to launch your PTA newsletter.

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Every PTA has the same challenge: How can I make my website an effective portal for my members? Consider elements of design, a smart navigation structure, and valuable content to build a valuable and usable resource.

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Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for individuals to join together, share content and ideas, and engage in open conversation. This section discusses Getting Started on social media, explores possible Platforms, and offers advice to deal with Negative Comments.

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Our Children Magazine

Our Children Magazine is the unique voice for parents. This online publication was created for the parent who's always on the go and looking for the best parenting, wellness, education and PTA community info to help their child excel at school and in life.

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Promotion & Media Relations

Marketing and media relations are ways to raise awareness of programs and events and build support for PTA. Kick-start your marketing plan by using our suggestions for Promoting Your Events and programs to your school community. Or explore strategies for Working with the Media to build your relationships with reporters and get the word out.

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Photography & Videography

Photos and videos convey the excitement of a school carnival or the size of a crowd at a town hall meeting like nothing else. But it's important to follow these guidelines to both produce compelling materials and ensure that your PTA is respecting the privacy of your community.

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Templates, Tools & Resources

These communications resources will help a PTA communicate effectively with their membership and community while maintaining a professional tone and consistent branding.

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