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Parent Teacher Student Association Resources

Are you a middle or high school PTSA? Check out these resources below that are specifically curated for you!

PTSAs provide youth members with the opportunity to make a difference by developing leadership skills, learning about the legislative process, increasing their self-esteem, and contributing to the school and community. In turn, adult PTSA members gain a new perspective for program development and youth leadership development and acquire a better understanding of the youth of today.

In addition to checking out the below resources, consider tying this work to becoming a School of Excellence! All of the resources and opportunities below cover efforts that could strengthen your PTSAs work in building family-school partnerships. Learn more about the process and enroll at

PTSA Meeting

PTAs have increased graduation rates

Beyond the Building: PTA the Virtual Way

Check out these ideas to virtually engage, empower and grow membership in a virtual world for the middle and high school community.

Power to the Youth!

Every two years, 7 million Americans turn 18 and become eligible to vote. These newly minted adults vote at a much lower rate than the general population. But we can change that—encourage the youth in your community to register to vote! You can:

Social Media Sharables

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Registration Resources

Host a Voter Registration Drive using our resources:

Please note: COVID-19 has had an impact on voting and voter registration deadlines across the country. Get up-to-date info for your state from our friends at

Lead by example—Register to vote yourself!


AdvocacyHaving a PTSA is a great opportunity to elevate student voices in advocacy efforts. Students and parent leaders can use the Advocacy Toolkit to guide advocacy efforts. And, students can promote civic engagement through voter registration drives and registering to vote themselves.

Advocacy Resources
  • Increase Civic Engagement – Educate fellow students about the importance of civic engagement and give them tools to get involved.


ArtsInspiring school-wide engagement in the arts is an important role your PTSA can play! Your PTSA can participate in Reflections through your State PTA to provide students the opportunity to explore the arts through education. And, you can advocate for the arts within your school.

Arts Resources
  • Arts Ed Toolkit – Use the ArtsEd Toolkit to grow family and community engagement for arts education at your school. Help PTAs ensure that every child has access to – and takes part in – high quality arts learning experiences.

  • Reflections Program – Join the over 300,000 students in Pre-K through Grade 12 creating original works of art in response each year. National PTA’s Reflections program helps students explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence and find a love for learning. 

Career & College Readiness

College & Career ReadinessAs a PTSA, you can help improve College and Career Readiness among students in your school. By equipping students and parents with information and resources on what options are out there for future success – from going directly to work to doing a job training program to going to a postsecondary institution – students will be better able to decide what the best next step is for them.

College Readiness
  • College Essay TipsUse these tips to write an awesome college application essay.

  • How College Ready Are You? - Listen to this National PTA Notes from the Backpack podcast episode to learn concrete strategies and essential information to help you make smart college decisions.

  • SAT Subject Test PrepThe SAT Subject Tests can be tricky. Check out these tips on how to prepare.

  • ACT Test Prep – Use tools like this free online tool to prepare for the ACTs.

  • College Navigator – Use this tool to find the right college for you.

  • Campus Visit Guide – Before going on college visits, check out this guide for tips on things like when to go, what to pay attention to, and how to prepare.

  • FAFSA Parent GuideAvoid issues with filling out the FAFSA by reading this guide.

  • Financial Aid Parent GuideLearn more about how to plan for getting financial aid.

  • Parent Guide to College – Check out these resources for parents on how to support your students in applying, paying, and preparing for college.

Career Readiness
  • Finding an Apprenticeship – If you want on-the-job experience to jumpstart your career in a highly-skilled workplace, an apprenticeship might be the right fit.

  • Exploring Careers – Use this resource to match your interests with possible careers.

  • Job Training Opportunities – Check out these Department of Labor training programs specifically for youth.

Digital Well-being

Digital SafetyPTSAs can take a leading role in increasing understanding of healthy digital well-being in their school communities. Consider promoting the resources below to parents and students in your school. And, think about actually hosting a digital well-being event for your families!

Digital Wellbeing
  • Host a Digital Families Community Event – Participants engage in honest conversations through guided activities about how to respond to real life online interactions and how they can make the best choices for their families online.

  • Spread access to the internet – PTA leaders can help connect families in low-income communities to affordable internet. PTA Connected provides resources to get PTA leaders started in hosting enrollment events in their community to provide equal opportunities for success for all students.

  • Know how to talk with your teen about Instagram – This parent’s guide is a great resource for parents in your PTSA and throughout the school. Encourage parents to use this to start productive conversations with their families about social media.

Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation

Gender & SexualityFor all students to feel safe and included in their schools, there must be practices in place to support LGBTQ+ and gender non-binary youth. Your PTSA can play a leading role in advancing the inclusion efforts in your school.

Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Resources


HealthNot only can you host a Healthy Hydration Event in celebration of Healthy Lifestyles Month (more info below!), your PTSA can also lead the effort in establishing a school wellness committee or encouraging students to get involved in an existing one. Students can also organize health-focused events.

Healthy Lifestyles Resources


LiteracyBecause leisure reading typically drops off when students are in middle school, it’s important to find exciting ways to get middle- and high-school students reading. Your PTSA can help make this a reality!

Literacy Resources
  • Host a book drive – Your PTSA can help organize and staff a book drive for an elementary school in your district. Check out Reading is Fundamental’s PTA Portal for suggested book lists. You also can host a book drive for your school!

  • Promote diversity and representation – Work with your school library to make sure there are a lot of options for diverse and representative books. Check out Lee & Low’s middle school and high school resources and book lists.



SafetyAs we all know, middle and high school is a time when youth become increasingly susceptible to negative influences. Your PTSA can help promote safe practices among youth by sharing important resources and hosting safety-related events.

Safety Resources


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Science, Technology, Engineering & MathYour PTSA can help inspire students to consider STEM careers by sharing information and hosting events to teach students more about STEM!

STEM Resources
  • Host a Science Festival – In partnership with Bayer, National PTA has developed a Science Festival program that could be great for your PTSA. 

    • If you’re a middle school PTSA, the experiments will work for your students. 

    • Or, if you’re a high school PTSA, consider hosting a Science Festival for your elementary school(s) and ask students to volunteer to help run it!



National PTA is continuously updating this site. If something is missing from the above resources that your PTSA would find helpful, please let us know by emailing!