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Join PTA For Your Child

Notes from the Backpack Podcast

Strengthen Your PTA Membership Recruitment Efforts 

The following National PTA materials are focused on membership recruitment and retention and are designed for PTA leaders to share, edit and distribute.

10 PTA Membership Myths & Truths Flyer


Start a conversation and dispel these myths about PTA membership. This was inspired as an additional visual tool to accompany other membership recruitment strategies as outlined in our Membership Campaign.

10 PTA Membership Myths and Truths

Membership Recruitment Strategies in National PTA Media

One Voice, the Official Blog of National PTA


Ways to Make Your PTA Virtual
How are PTA/PTSAs keeping in touch with their school communities? They are going virtual!

Show Your PTA Value to Sustain and Grow Your Membership
Just like schools have had to pivot, so do PTAs. You don’t need a building to PTA.

How to Get the Technology Your Local PTA Needs
PTAs can budget for, and spend money on, any technology that will be used by the PTA.

How to Make Joining PTA Easy
Now is a good time to rethink how your PTA will promote membership next year, especially if schools are still remote when they start in the fall.

It’s Not Too Late to PTA!
Your PTA can play a key role in helping support your school community in these tough times. It’s not too late to PTA this school year!

Market Your PTA

Presentations and Letters


Introduce PTA to the families, community members and school staff in your community

Use this template to welcome new PTA members

Customize and print this certificate to give parent volunteers special recognition in PTA

National PTA Membership Campaign


Our new membership campaign—PTA For Your Child—is designed to engage and excite new members and existing members by making the work of the PTA more visible and highlighting the value and impact of PTA.

PTA in Infographics

Who We Serve Infographic

Where We Are

Title 1 Schools Infographic

Presence of PTA


PTAs are serving 13.8 million students in the US. There are over 22,000 local PTA units across the country in a wide variety of schools.

Membership graphic image

Develop Your Membership Growth Plan



Learn how to P.L.A.N.: Picture, Listen, Ask, and Nurture your potential and returning PTA members in our 20-minute eLearning course.

Worksheets and Templates


Listen to understand the needs and interest of your community

Start with a membership goal

Action plan to reach membership goal

Membership Recruitment Flyers

Use these customizable flyers to showcase the many benefits of PTA membership in your recruitment and retention efforts. You can add your PTA logo, contact info or other copy by clicking in the fillable form area! 

Note: please right-click the desired audience flyer and save the .PDF to your computer in order to customize the logo and text; edit with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

10 Reasons Collage

The flyers are designed to tailor the PTA message to different audiences:

General Audience
Families & Educators

Families & EducatorsMessaging for family members, caregivers and community members with a shared mission to help every child succeed. This version includes a customizable membership form for local PTAs.

10 Reasons: Families and Educators (Color)

10 Reasons: Families and Educators (BW)

10 Reasons: Families and Educators (Color - en español)

10 Reasons: Families and Educators (BW - en español  

Parent & School Leaders