Micro-Learning Videos

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Join PTA For Your Child

Notes from the Backpack Podcast

Grow Your PTA

These short, 15-minute training videos (with accompanying handouts) cover several topics to help you better manage membership while respecting your limited free time.

Building a Virtual Membership Campaign

You don't need a building to PTA! Learn strategies to promote membership and communicate the value of PTA outside of the traditional school setting. Follow along with the handout and a sample communications plan to jump-start your local campaign.

Effective and Engaging Virtual Meetings

Don't miss these ideas to help engage and grow your membership by holding effective virtual meetings. Many of the tips provided also work for face-to-face meetings.

Beyond the Building: PTA the Virtual Way

Check out these additional ideas to virtually engage, empower and grow membership in a virtual world for the K- High School community.

Strategies for Grades K-6

Más Allá del Edificio: El Camino Virtual de PTA K-6

Strategies for Middle/High School
Más Allá del Edificio: El Camino Virtual de PTA en Escuelas Intermedias y Secundarias

Talking to Principals about PTA Value

Role and responsibilities PTA vs principal, what principals value about PTA, COVID-specific value, how to message and approach a principal and what a great partnership looks like.