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Join PTA For Your Child

Start Strong this School Year and Focus on Membership

We are excited to offer a fun and interactive year-round initiative for local PTA leaders who want to integrate membership into all aspects of their PTA. 

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel…
    Learn about and use incredible free PTA resources!
  • Have fun and win prizes…
    Complete exciting challenges and interactive activities for a chance to win prizes!

2024-2025 Membership Mania Registration is OPEN!

National PTA is excited to bring back Membership Mania for the 2024-25 school year. Sign up today to join us this school year to strengthen membership together and make every child’s potential a reality!


  • Year-long initiative with free tools and resources, as well as fun activities and challenges.

  • Participate in calls with National PTA and other PTA leaders in your group for interactive discussions that will enable you to learn from, and grow with, other local leaders. 
  • Several opportunities to win awesome prizes!

Sign up today!

Membership Mania


PTA leaders will benefit from the Membership Mania initiative: start anytime during the school year!

Activities from 2023-2024

We encourage all local PTA leaders to use the following resources to explore tangible ways to strengthen, grow and diversify your PTA’s membership. These past activities are available for you to do at your own pace.

Section 1 - Start the School Year Strong

Week 5 Email - Live Zoom Event Summary

Section 2 - Strengthen Your Membership Momentum

Week 2 Email - Membership Recruitment Ideas from Leaders like You!

Section 3 - Membership is Year-Round

Week 4 Email - Recap of Zoom Event

Section 4 - Set your PTA up for Success Next Year


Make it Fun 

  • Challenge your PTA board members to play along together! 

  • Challenge another or several PTAs in your district to play along!   

  • Challenge the feeder school PTAs to play along! 

  • Invite local PTA leaders who you know from around the country to play along with you. Schedule weekly or monthly calls to network! 

National PTA 125th Anniversary

National PTA is a membership association that is focused on child advocacy. Having a strong membership is how we achieve our mission. PTA has a long history, a legacy of 125 years! Be a part of history, be a part of the legacy—participate in our Membership Mania initiative.

Membership is All About Relationships

All too often, membership is seen as a one-time transaction. Membership is so much more!

People who understand the purpose, feel connected, seen, heard and valued are more likely to join. People want to feel like they are a part of your PTA and believe in PTA’s mission before they actually join (or renew!).

Membership is about Relationship


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