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Tools and Services to Help Empower Parents

National PTA wants to empower every parent to be able to best support their child’s needs and give them what they need to learn and thrive as they grow.

We teamed up with several businesses that offer tools and services that families can use to help their child reach their full potential.

Get support at home with these resources.

Advertising Opportunities

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Gorilla Glue

Magination Press

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla® Kids School Glue and Glue Sticks are safe, non-toxic and washable making it perfect for kids. They are Gorilla Strong and versatile bonding popular materials including; paper, wood, construction paper, sequins, felt, googly eyes and more. Learn more.

Gorilla Glue

APA’s Magination Press

An imprint of the American Psychological Association, Magination Press® publishes books that help kids and teens grow in socially and emotionally healthy ways—from everyday topics like building self-esteem and learning to be mindful to more complex topics like identity, social justice, and trauma. Most Magination Press books include an expert-written note with practical advice and suggested activities for parents, caregivers, or teachers. As a special thank you to all PTA leaders, members, and parents, please use code PTA20 to enjoy 20% off ALL Magination Press and Life Tools books when you order here.

Magination Press