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National PTA + Pilot Pen

National PTA teamed up with Pilot Pen to provide students, teachers and families free FriXion Erasable Pens. We have limited quantity; please sign up for this opportunity now!

Requirements to Receive Pens

  • Be an active PTA.
  • Must have a place (school or residence) for the temporary storage of pens until your PTA can give out the pens to the school community.

In your shipment, your PTA will receive:

  • 12,000 pens
  • 300 plastic bags (1 bag per 40 pens)
  • 300 classroom cards (use 1 per bag per classroom)

Pilot Pens

  • 1 Your Info
  • 2 PTA Info
  • 3 Shipping Info

Find your PTA ID Number.

How many schools does your PTA serve?

I understand my PTA will receive 12,000 Pilot Pens.

Is the Shipping Info provided a school address?

If not a school address, can you receive and breakdown a pallet? Storage should be temperature controlled (not a shed or garage) as the pens should not be in high heat.

Your PTA’s Preferred Arrival Date of Pilot Pens?

Please wait for confirmation message after submission; it may take a moment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are FriXion Erasable Pens?

FriXion pens use a thermosensitive ink that disappears with heat caused by erasing friction, allowing the user to erase writing.

How many pens can my PTA request?

The minimum shipment is 12,000. You can request more when submitting the form.

Is it possible to get less than 12,000 pens?

The minimum shipment is 12,000 pens. Reach out to neighboring PTAs or District/Council/Region PTAs to work together to request one shipment of 12,000 share among all schools at your PTAs.

Are the FriXion pens customized with the PTA logo?

No, you can find an image of the pens on the right hand side of page. 

Do we need storage to take a pallet of pens?

Yes, you must be able to store the pens before you distribute them. Storage should be temperature controlled (not a shed or garage).

How do you sign-up for free FriXion Erasable Pens?

Fill out this opt-in form. You will be contacted to confirm delivery information.

How does this benefit my school community?

To engage and support the students, families and teachers by providing supplies they need to succeed. FriXion Erasable Pens can also be used for STEM demonstrations.

How does this benefit my PTA?

A tangible benefit from your PTA to the students, teachers and school you serve. This is a great opportunity to build a positive relationship with the school (school staff, principal, teachers). This shows the value of your PTA.

How do I find my PTA ID?

You can look up your PTA's ID number at Find a PTA. If you can't find your PTA's ID number, please contact your state PTA.

Does my PTA have to pay for the shipping?

No, we will take care of the shipping cost.

Once our PTA receives the pens, who can the pens go to?

Anyone in your school community – students, teachers, school staff, families, members, volunteers, etc.

What is the weight of each box?

One case of pens (1,200 pens) weighs 32.6 LBS. 12,000 pens for a total of 366 LBS.

FriXion Pen

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact National PTA: 

National PTA’s Membership & Field Service Manager, Kirthana Krishnathasan

10 Fun Ideas for Distributing the Donated Pens

  • Place them in the staff/teachers’ lounge to pick up a box for their class 
  • Back to PTA, back to school open house
  • Pass out pens at a PTA table during lunch hours
  • During drop-off or pick-up of students
  • Kindergarten open nights
  • Report card pick-up
  • All school and/or PTA events
  • Partner with other organizations to reach families – for example Urban Leagues in districts
  • ACT/SAT prep classes
  • MS and HS transition nights
  • Use it for Teacher Appreciation Week

FriXion Pen

15 Messages to Show Your PTA’s Value With the Pens

  • Connect to value of PTA as a benefit to students.
  • Special offer to your school community courtesy of your PTA.
  • Free giveaway of pens from PTA.
  • Use the pens to start a conversation with anyone about your PTA’s value to the community (in what ways does PTA help me and my child) and create connections with families, teachers and administrators.
  • Help students get the bonus supplies they need to succeed.
  • Buy stickers with PTA branding to stick on the plastic bags to show PTA is providing these pens.
  • Get the school year off to great start with free pens for every student and teacher.
  • Connect to STEM       
    • The reason these pens are fully erasable is friction. The ink itself is heat-sensitive, so when rubbed with the eraser, it reacts and turns invisible — no shedding, no blotchy marks, no ragged holes in your notebook.
  • Develop fine motor skills & retain information: act of writing by hand can be key to brain development and retaining information.
  • "Take note you are ink-credible. Have a great [end/start] to the school year! Brought to you by [your PTA name]."
  • "The [PTA name] hap-pens to think you are ink-credible! Have a great [end/start] to the school year!"
  • "Mark my words. You are amazing. Have a great [end/start] to the school year! Brought to you by [your PTA name]."
  • A must have tool while learning.
  • Write, erase and repeat as many times as you like. Erasable pens lessen do-overs while doing schoolwork.
  • These pens are the new whiteout. Write, erase and repeat as many times as you like.