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Notes from the Backpack Podcast

Join PTA For Your Child

For the novice—and even for the experienced PTA member—fundraising can be a complicated enterprise. To get through this sometimes-difficult terrain, PTAs and school administrators need guidance they can trust. Whether you’re looking for tips on choosing a vendor, garnering corporate support, or managing the fundraising proceeds, National PTA will provide you with expert advice on how to conduct effective fundraisers.

Event Ideas

PTA Fundraising Marketplace
A one-stop resource for PTAs to innovate fundraising programs, improve school and PTA operations, and enhance the well-being of students.

Planning Top-notch Events
A how-to guide for effective fundraising.

Questions to Consider When Developing Fundraising Strategies
Important considerations for ensuring a successful fundraiser.

Strategies for Direct Donation Drives
How direct donation drives simplify asking and giving.

Additional Resources

Is Your PTA an ATM for Your School?
If your school board, principal, or teachers assume control of your PTA’s budget as though it were their own, here's why you need to just say “no.”

Online Fundraising Auctions
Five steps to a successful online auction