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Use the National PTA Fundraising Marketplace to find vendors and services to help make your PTA fundraiser a success. For more fundraising event ideas, visit our PTA Fundraising page.

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Proud National Fundraising Services

Boon Supply

Boon Supply is a merchandise fundraising platform that makes it easy for people to get involved and give back to their communities in meaningful ways. We’ve breathed new energy into the world of fundraising by pairing incredible technology with great products that make life better.

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  • Set up your customized fundraiser page within minutes and go live instantly.
  • Everyone loves our products - fresh, useful designs for home, family and on-the-go. 40% of every purchase goes to your cause!
  • We give you all the resources you need to be successful, including: a customized web page, motivational rewards, social selling tools, and best-practice guides.
  • Our team is here for ongoing support and inspiration! Together, we make good things happen.
  • Get started today!

Boon Supply


The most fun, customizable, and profitable elementary school fundraiser in America. We’re proud to offer virtual and on-campus options, with your choice of fun, high-energy fitness events. Raise more, and work less! Learn more.


Chuck E Cheese's

Fundraise at Chuck E. Cheese’s and earn up to 20% of sales generated. Plus, Chuck E. will drop by your school or non-profit to promote it!

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Fundraise at Chuck E. Cheese’s and earn up to 20% of sales generated. Plus, Chuck E. will drop by your school or non-profit to promote it!

Schedule today at

Chuck E Cheese FuNdraiser

Code Wizards HQ

CodeWizardsHQ spirit nights are a great way to raise funds for your PTA and allow students to experience stress free exposure to coding! We will host a 1-hour online coding class workshop and will donate 50% of the proceeds to your PTA. Intro classes normally cost $39 per student, but we would offer it to your students for $20. Classes are held online so our instructors and students alike log in from home. No school facilities are needed. Raise funds for your PTA by simply picking a coding class time and spread the word! Learn more.

Code Wizards HQ

Flip Give

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Groups earn cash when they shop with their favorite brands for groceries, gas, clothes, equipment, meals out, travel and more. Over $20M has been raised by groups for their school, activities and sports, simply from everyday spending. Get started - it’s free!

Flip Give


Rethink fundraising by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes. With this youth-friendly fundraiser, there’s no need to ask anyone to open their wallets, they can support your school just by cleaning out their closet!

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Funds2Orgs is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we provide everything from start to finish at no cost to you. Once we receive the shoes, a check is issued to you within 2 business days of receipt and processing. The shoes from your fundraiser go on to support micro-enterprises in developing nations. It’s a WIN-WIN!

We also provide free Micro-Enterprise Curriculum at four different levels to coincide with your fundraiser and help demonstrate the impact your group is making!

Learn more about shoe drive fundraisers.



The Hotels4Teams Fundraiser Partner Program allows your school to earn a 5% commission on any hotel bookings made by anyone - your athletic teams, clubs, faculty, even the parents of your students. Everyone that reserves hotels through the program will gain access to some of the lowest hotel rates available anywhere.

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Getting started is quick and easy:

  • We create a custom booking website for your school.
  • You share it with your students and faculty to get everyone involved.
  • You earn a commission on every booking made through your site.
  • We provide you with automatic quarterly payouts and reports.

As an added bonus, anyone who books through your website will get access to deals they won’t find anywhere else.

Get started today!

Hotels 4 Teams

Race for Education

Emphasize the wellness and physical activity of all students to raise significant funds for educational programs and activities while you Race For Education.

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Simplicity + Fun = Amazing Fundraising Results

  • Up to 85% profit for your school.
  • Eliminates families having to sell "products" to relatives, neighbors, and friends, and, instead, is a fundraiser that involves a minimal amount of time for parents.
  • Emphasizes wellness and physical activity for all students.
  • Parents and students love the success, sense of community, and joy in the program.
  • Enjoy your Race Day with the children, teachers, parents, and fans.
  • Step back and take pride in the fact that your Race for Education event raised significant amounts to fund a range of educational programs & activities.
  • Contact us today for your free Informational Packet. Visit or call (717) 432-5908.

Race For Education

Scholastic Book Clubs

Every Scholastic Book Clubs order earns FREE Books for your child’s class!

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Get started today by connecting to your child’s teacher online:

Scholastic Book Club

TreeRing Yearbooks

TreeRing helps you do amazing things for your yearbook without making it feel like a full-time job.

We do that by providing PTAs with a model no other company can match:

  • Our yearbook software is always free to use
  • We provide fair, upfront book prices without requiring a commitment
  • We send you 100% of the fundraising dollars you raise through yearbook sales

Now, we’re giving all PTAs a 10% discount when they sign up.

Learn more about TreeRing by requesting a free sample yearbook today.

Tree Ring


Custom promotional products from are an affordable way to show your school spirit and make fundraising more profitable. Order now!

Wallmart Promo Shop