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Proud National Fundraising Services

When schools experience budget shortfalls, they must find creative ways to make ends meet. School administrators partner with PTA to help fund the resources and activities students need to learn and grow.

National PTA recognizes the following vendors and services that can help your PTA present unique school fundraising ideas as well as strategies for running effective fundraisers.

For more fundraising event ideas, visit our PTA Fundraising page.

Advertising Opportunities

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Apex Leadership Co.


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Public School Swagger

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Apex Leadership Co.

Apex Leadership Co. is a two-week, hassle-free, action-packed program that teaches leadership traits and fitness to the best schools in America. We can meet your school's individual needs with virtual, hybrid or our traditional in-person program. Click here to learn more about Apex! Learn more.

Apex Leadership Co.


The most fun, customizable, and profitable elementary school fundraiser in America. We’re proud to offer virtual and on-campus options, with your choice of fun, high-energy fitness events. Raise more, and work less! Learn more.


Cloud 9 Fundraising

Cloud 9 Fundraising believes that by promoting a product that is used by everyone, every day, you will maximize the success of your fundraiser. 

We offer a wide range of high-quality bedding products in multiple sizes and colors to be used as a way to fundraise for your organization. 

Our program allows you to earn up to $20 per sale, There are no up-front costs, no commitments, and zero risks. with no wait time and we ship out within 1 - 3 days. 

For more information to get this set up for your PTA, email us or visit our website.

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K-12 Clothing

Started by a PTA dad, we print and ship custom school spirit wear and school uniforms directly to parents so you don’t have to manage orders or delivery.

Free web store, no cost to PTA, no minimum order for parents

  •  Stores stay open all year long, 24/7, 365
  •  Free design support (up to 10 logos in your school store)
  •  Fundraising enabled
  •  Thousands of product options
  •  Boys, girls, men’s, and women’s sizes/options
Learn more

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Public School Swagger

Started by two school psychologists who are career educators, Public School Swagger is your partner for school fundraisers and a trusted source for branded products that promote school pride and sense of community.

Find out how Public School Swagger can help schools and parents provide additional resources and funding for their students while creating a sense of community and connection with each other. We believe that a child’s exposure to experiences will set a foundation for acceptance, curiosity, and inclusion. That is what we hope Public School Swagger will help provide for your School.

Public School Swagger is the ability to relate and connect to anyone. We know you have it, and you know it is something to be proud of. Learn more.

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Reinventing the Way Fundraising Works

No door knocking. No selling. No extra time or money spent.

With gift card fundraising, your school’s families raise money by purchasing gift cards from their favorite brands to use for their daily purchases. Get details to start your free program.

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