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Frequently Asked Questions

The 2017-2018 National PTA Back-to-School Kit is the first step in building your child’s future. It contains resources to help PTA leaders serve their communities and manage their PTA units, such as easy-to-use guides for PTA presidents and leaders, treasurers, membership and programs chairs. The Kit also contains fundraising and marketing tools; program and advocacy resources; and special offers from national partners. It’s also completely digital and mobile-friendly, so you can access it from anywhere at any time.  

Q: Who is the 2017-2018 Back-to-School Kit designed for?

A: The Kit is designed for:

  • State PTA staff, presidents, presidents-elect and membership chairs
  • Local PTA leaders
  • National officers, board members and committee members
  • Council, region and district PTA leaders

Q: Do PTA members need to register to access the online kit?

A: For those who registered for last year’s kit, you are already in the National PTA database and should receive an email with further instructions about how to access the 2017-2018 kit. Login and registration is at

For those who have never registered for past Back-to-School Kits—and are NOT in the National PTA database—there is a very simple registration process. Step-by-step directions for ALL members are available at

Q: Will I receive any printed resources with the Back-to-School Kit?

A: State and local PTA presidents who register will receive a special Recruitment Tool and a poster-sized Calendar of PTA events. The Recruitment Tool is a printed packet of information that will help you describe PTA’s goals, structure and message. It will also help you recruit new members. The Calendar is designed to help keep you aware of important PTA events and celebrations. The Recruitment Tool and Calendar are intended to be shared with other PTA members. However, only one tool and calendar will be sent to each unit.

Q: When will I receive this PTA Recruitment Tool?

A: Each local unit will receive one recruitment packet and one calendar 4-6 weeks after registering. National PTA will be distributing the packets from July to September 2017. The Recruitment Tools and Calendars will be sent to the address that the state and local unit president designated when registering for the Back-to-School Kit.

Q: Do units have to pay for the Kit, Recruitment Tool or Calendar?

A: The 2017-2018 Back-To-School Kit is free. So are the Recruitment Tool and Calendar. This is just one of the benefits National PTA provides to its members. To learn more about other important benefits of PTA membership, visit

Q: Can I request additional Recruitment Tools and Calendars?

A: At this time we can only distribute one tool and calendar to each of our PTAs, and those tools will only be distributed to those presidents who register through September 2017. However, we are currently working on a plan that could accommodate additional requests.

Q: Content-wise, what’s new with this year’s kit?

A: Every section of the Back-to-School Kit is completely updated. National PTA staff and leadership have spent months reviewing, adding and updating its content. The PTA Leaders (formerly PTA President), Finance and Membership sections have been completely overhauled to make them even more user-friendly and efficient.

Q: Can I print sections of the Back-to-School kit?
A: Yes. There is a PRINT THIS icon at the bottom of each page. We do recommend that you print from Chrome or Firefox browsers. Internet Explorer is not recommended. QRG PDFs for each section will also be available in July 2017. These PDFs will allow you to print entire sections all at once. 

Q: Who can answer my questions about the Back-to-School kit or the Recruitment Tool?

A: You can direct all questions about the Kit, Recruitment Tool and Calendar to Membership questions should go to