Social and Emotional Well-Being

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Social and Emotional Well-Being

Our schools offer so much more than academics. Teachers, parents and school staff work together to help guide our children as they learn about social interactions and positive behaviors. The pandemic has caused many students to experience stress and other mental health issues that affect their overall well-being. PTAs across the country are jumping in, developing tools, resources and programs to support the social and emotional wellbeing of students.

Read the stories of these PTAs who are raising awareness about mental health and providing resources to support students and their families.


Canyon Rim PTA

Mesa, AZ.

Canyon Rim Elementary PTA in Mesa, Ariz., saw the world changing around them last year and shifted their focus to improving school safety. Through the School of Excellence program, the PTA took matters into their own hands and started a safety initiative on campus. They made changes to the student drop-off and pick-up process to make mornings and afternoons easier and safer; enhanced the school’s cleanliness by installing continuously self-cleaning products throughout campus; and supported mental health through outreach and free events. Parents know that safety and mental health is a key priority for Canyon Rim Elementary School, and during a year no one could have predicted, this PTA took steps to continue to care for their community and support future growth. #HowWePTA #PTAExcellence

In their own words:
We have a very diverse community at Canyon Rim, and our PTA provides something for everyone. Their dedication to our staff, students and families is incredible. The free events and community engagement this past year have been some of the best in the district, even during a pandemic.
—Canyon Rim Elementary School Administrator

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Wally Watkins Elementary PTA

Wylie, Texas

Concerned about the social and emotional well-being of their students as they prepared to go back into the school building after nearly six months, the PTA at Wally Watkins Elementary in Wylie, Texas, used their COVID-19 Relief Grant Funding sponsored by TikTok to purchase Calming Kits for each classroom. The kits are full of tools to help students who are feeling anxious or overwhelmed with coping skills and calming techniques that can be done right in the classroom, supporting teachers and saving a long trip to the guidance counselor or principal’s office, which can take time away from learning. #HowWePTA #PTAProud

In their own words:
We are so grateful for the funding to help support the social and emotional wellbeing of our students. There is going to be a lot of fear and anxiety about COVID when we return to school, and we are excited to be able to use those funds to help students deal with those emotions appropriately.
—Wally Watkins Assistant Principal

Windsor Elementary PTA

Orem, Utah

With a high priority placed on their student’s emotional and mental health, the Windsor Elementary PTA in Orem, Utah, partnered with school leaders to build a Wellness Room in the school with their COVID-19 Relief Grant sponsored by TikTok. When students return to school, the Wellness Room will be a calming and supportive place to learn coping skills and positive ways to express emotions, helping students to be more successful in school and in life. This is something that will have a positive impact on the school community for years to come! #HowWePTA #PTAProud

Windsor Elementary PTA

In their own words:
Through this project, we are learning so much about mental health and are grateful we can help students learn how to cope during these difficult times.

Elmont Elementary PTA

Ashland, Va.

Social and emotional wellness has always been important to the school community at Elmont Elementary School in Ashburn, Va. With the ongoing pandemic and the effects the disruptions to school and home were having on their students, the Elmont Elementary PTA used their COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant sponsored by Huntington Ingalls Industries to invest in the RULER Program, which puts emotions at the center of learning, helping students and teachers be more aware of their emotions, how they change throughout the day, and how they affect their actions. Using the program’s Mood Meter, students can recognize their emotions, put a name to what they are feeling, and learn how to move between emotions to self-regulate. The program helps children navigate their feelings, which helps them be more successful in the classroom. #HowWePTA #PTAProud

In their own words:
RULER has opened up new conversations with my child. He is talking to me about his day and the things that happened at school without me having to push him. It’s great that he now knows how to express himself like he never did before, which I’m so grateful for, especially with everything going on with the pandemic.
—Elmont ES Parent

University High School PTSA

Orlando, Fla.

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, mental health, safety, and social and emotional support were a focus for the University High School PTSA in Orlando, Fla. With students and parents feeling stress and anxiety over social isolation and distance learning, they used their COVID-19 Relief Grant sponsored by TikTok to host virtual workshops and webinars on mental health topics to help families learn ways to cope with different situations. They invited local mental health organizations and other community resources to participate in the discussions, and plan to continue offering these sessions throughout the school year. #HowWePTA #PTAProud

University High School PTSA
In their own words:
Our presentations have benefited a lot of our families. If only one life is impacted, then we consider ourselves successful.

During this pandemic, this was much needed for our community to have a parent-led organization show care and open the door for these bold conversations.”
—Kimberly Adamski, 1st Vice President, UHS PTSA

Blythe Academy of Languages PTA

Greenville, S.C.

With a high population of low-income students including those dealing with homelessness, mental health support has long been a need at Blythe Academy, a public magnet elementary school in Greenville, S.C. Using their COVID-19 Relief Grant sponsored by TikTok, the Blythe Academy PTA offered virtual parent workshops on different mental health topics including how to support students during these difficult times. They also supplied school counselors with Trauma Cards, and added a sensory path in their school, giving students the opportunity to spend a few minutes of the school day walking and jumping through the path to push through their anxiety and distractions. #HowWePTA #PTAProud

In their own words:
We are so thankful for this grant allowing us to support our kids who are facing more challenges with the move to virtual instruction and loss of community support structures. Thank you National PTA and TikTok!
—Matthew Burns, Blythe Academy PTA President

Blythe Academy

Mooneyham Elementary PTA

McKinney, Texas

When schools closed last spring, everyone at Mooneyham Elementary in McKinney, Texas, was hopeful things would soon return to normal. As the situation with COVID-19 evolved, the school community felt both anxious and excited about returning to school in the fall. Using the COVID-19 Relief Grant sponsored by TikTok, the Mooneyham Elementary PTA created Wellness Kits for every student to support their well-being when they returned to school, whether they attended in-person or virtually. #HowWePTA #PTAProud

In their own words:
We are so grateful for this grant, which has given parents and teachers the opportunity to work together to help our students cope with this new reality.
—Clemencia Cole, Mooneyham Elementary PTA Treasurer

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