Membership Drives and School Community Support

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Membership Drives and School Community Support

It’s a fact—children learn and grow better when their families and communities are engaged in their academic, social and emotional lives. PTA offers all parents and caregivers the opportunity to be engaged in developing their child's potential. Being a member of PTA means that you are part of a powerful association and action plan that is focused on programs and initiatives that strengthen your child's education and the family-school partnership.

To help grow programs and initiatives that transform schools into gathering places that support and include the entire community—even in a virtual environment—PTAs across the country are finding new and innovative ways to increase membership and improve their school environment.

Check out ways the PTAs below are growing their membership and supporting their school community.

Membership Drives and School Community Support

Amazing Stories from PTAs

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School of Excellence 

Avocado Elementary PTA

La Mesa, Calif.

Last year, Avocado Elementary School PTA in La Mesa, Calif., was concerned about the pandemic’s impact on their students’ academic, social and emotional skills. So, the PTA used the School of Excellence program to reimagine activities the school would normally do pre-COVID to follow health and safety restrictions, including a Fall Festival, STEM + Families Virtual Science Fair and Virtual Reading Experience. The school and PTA also sought out translation services, so everyone would have the ability to access the resources. These inclusive and impactful events helped Avocado Elementary School families stay connected and engaged during a difficult year. #HowWePTA #PTAExcellence

SOE Avocado PTA

In their own words:
“Our PTA has been working hard to make a positive impact on our school community and it shows. Our students and families have benefitted from the programming and feel supported and encouraged to participate.”
—Avocado Elementary PTA President


Samuel Bissell Elementary PTA

Twinsburg, Ohio

This past school year was one of the toughest and most unique years for Samuel Bissell Elementary in Twinsburg, Ohio. Their school district gave parents the option to be on campus or be virtual for the entire school year. This allowed parents to have the choice to do what was best for their family, but it also made extra work for the school and PTA to make sure this year was successful. So, the PTA joined the School of Excellence program to determine a path forward, which included purchasing “Fundations At-Home Packets,” creating a sensory walk in the parking lots of the high school, and holding virtual events to promote togetherness throughout the school community. Samuel Bissell Elementary and their PTA provided a path for success for their students during a trying year. Their creativity and effort showed the dedication and passion they have for their school to be at the top of its game and how they will move mountains for their educational community to be successful. #HowWePTA #PTAExcellence

Samuel Bissell PTA

In their own words:
“Our PTA has been able to work with our community and school to be able to provide so much for our students this year. Our PTA is amazing and I can't believe all the creativity and effort that was put into the school year thru a pandemic.”

COVID-19 Relief Grant Fund 

Greenbriar East Elementary PTA

Fairfax, Va.

As schools made their reopening plans for the new school year, many people in the school community at Greenbriar East Elementary School in Fairfax, Va., were concerned about the health and wellness of their students, teachers, and school staff. Using their COVID-19 Relief Grant sponsored by TikTok, the Greenbriar East Elementary PTA replaced four traditional water fountains that were located throughout the school with touchless water stations so students could easily – and safely – refill their water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day. #HowWePTA #PTAProud

In their own words:
These water stations will help stop the spread of germs and will save so many kids and teachers from getting sick now and for years to come. Thank you National PTA and TikTok for helping us make this happen for our school!
—Roxanne Bristol, PTA president


Mountain View Elementary PTA

Waddell, Ariz.

In Arizona, drinking water is a necessity! But when students at Mountain View Elementary in Waddell, Ariz., returned to school in the fall, students couldn’t use the water fountains for safety reasons and were required to bring water from home. Using their COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant sponsored by Norton LifeLock, the Mountain View PTA installed 10 bottle filling stations throughout the school to help keep kids safe–and hydrated! They also purchased reusable water bottles and masks, which were kept at the nurse’s station. To support their student’s emotional well-being, they also created a Social Emotional Lending Library filled with over 100 books with stories on handling emotions, including anxiety and depression. #HowWePTA #PTAProud

Mountain View Elementary PTA water fountain


Woodstock High School PTSA

Woodstock, Ga.

The Woodstock High School PTSA in Woodstock, Ga., had a vision to support their 2,200 students who were feeling excited and anxious to return to school. They partnered with an alumni landscaping business owner and a parent who is a general contractor to create a large outdoor patio outside of the school cafeteria, thanks to funding from the COVID-19 PTA Relief Grant, sponsored by TikTok. Now, students can gather in a socially distanced seating area—with picnic tables and umbrellas—to safely reconnect with friends, and build new friendships, before school and during lunch! #HowWePTA #PTAProud

Woodstock High

In their own words:
With tremendous support from the school and community, we created a beautiful natural gathering area for our students. Parents have shared how much they appreciate how we’ve supported the emotional well-being of our students. Thank you for helping us realize our vision!”


Woodburn Elementary PTA

Falls Church, Va.

Woodburn Elementary in Fall Church, Va., already had an outdoor classroom, but it was overgrown and not used very often due to lack of shade. In anticipation of students returning in the fall, the PTA used their COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant sponsored by Huntington Ingalls Industries to improve the space for socially-distanced outdoor learning, including adding a sunshade. They also partnered with local non-profit Love and Carrots to build a garden, donating the bounty to a local food bank that prepared food packs for low-income students to bring home over the weekend. With leftover funds, they offered enrichment learning opportunities through a local nature center, including one where students virtually learned how to milk a cow! To further support distance learning, the PTA built a Little Library outside of the school, encouraging students and their families to take a book when they want one, and leave one for another classmate’s enjoyment. We are so #PTAProud of everything the Woodburn PTA accomplished to support their school community! #HowWePTA

Woodburn Elementary PTA 
In their own words:
Thank you for supporting our school during such a stressful time. Your generosity has helped brighten the lives of our students and will continue to help keep us connected as a community.
—Woodburn Elementary PTA President


Farragut Elementary PTA

Culver City, Calif.

The students of Farragut Elementary School in Culver City, Calif. were going to start the new school year just like the last one ended – completely virtual. Even in the virtual environment, the PTA wanted to inspire families to get involved and join, but were unsure of how to get people excited, especially when meetings were held through Zoom. After months of COVID related restrictions, they were concerned about people had virtual meeting fatigue, or just not understanding the valuable work the PTA continued to do while schools remained closed. Their answer to get people involved was to create an incredibly fun and inspiring video, which they shared on Facebook. The video – “Zoom is Where it Happens” – showcases the great work that the PTA does in the school community and how they use the funds they raise. Current PTA members encourage viewers to join PTA and be part of making things happen at Farragut Elementary. We are so #PTAProud of their creativity and message to get people involved during the ongoing pandemic. #HowWePTA

In their own words:
“We want to see you in the Zoom where it happens…. If you want to know how plans get made, think out of the box and join PTA…”

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