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PTA speaks for every child with one voice. As the largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the nation, we are the conscience of the country for issues affecting children and youth. Each year National PTA publishes a public policy platform that outlines policy priorities and recommendations for Congress.

Across the country, our members devote time and resources to advocating on issues that help make every child’s potential a reality. Their work affects legislative and/or regulatory policies on a state and/or local level.  PTA advocacy efforts include working with multiple organizations or coalitions through grassroots collaboration, raising public awareness on critical issues and developing advocacy training for their membership to create a larger voice from the community to influence positive change.

Check out these amazing stories from PTAs who are dedicated to advocacy efforts in their community.


Case Study: Texas PTA Rally Day

BANDing Together in Tough Times

Texas PTA faced unprecedented challenges while planning their 2021 Rally Day—a global pandemic and a historic ice storm meant that in-person meetings with elected officials were impossible. But they knew they couldn’t go into “hibernation mode” as students needed their support more than ever before. Rather, they had to think differently about how to PTA.

Read our case study to learn how they used digital technology to reimagine their advocacy work for a virtual world.

Advocacy Award

California State PTA

2020 Outstanding State PTA Advocacy Award Winner

From 2019-2020, California State PTA dedicated its efforts to raising awareness about healthier school start times. The association played an instrumental role in the passage of SB 328, which requires that middle schools in California start no earlier than 8 a.m. and high schools no earlier than 8:30 a.m. Prior to California State PTA’s advocacy efforts, the average start time for middle and high schools in the state was 8:07 a.m., which was contrary to the sleep health needs and developmental norms of adolescents. California State PTA implemented a multi-faceted advocacy plan which included trainings, working with local PTA leaders, legislative visits, outreach for critical votes, and media outreach and coverage all in support of SB 328. California State PTA also targeted key legislators and the Governor, successfully using local PTA members to carry the message and secure the passage of the bill. As a result of California State PTA’s advocacy efforts, California is the first state in the nation to require later school start times for middle and high school students.

Advocacy Award

Will Davis Elementary PTA

2020 Outstanding Local PTA Advocacy Award Winner

Will Davis Elementary PTA conducted an advocacy campaign to urge their elected officials to increase education funding and create a new recapture formula that more effectively utilizes taxpayer money. The goal of the recapture system in Texas is to help make public school funding more equitable between school districts by having wealthy districts send locally-collected property tax revenue to the state to distribute to lower-wealth districts. However, Will Davis Elementary PTA’s district was facing a financial crisis. Their advocacy team decided to use a recent bond election to grow awareness about the crisis, including detailing the resources that are required to run a school district and the origin of those funds. Will Davis Elementary PTA partnered with two nonprofits to create and distribute information about school funding across the state to help parents understand the context of school finance discussions. The advocacy team met with elected officials and their aides to discuss funding and regularly attended meetings with other area advocacy groups to share information and implement new strategies. Will Davis Elementary PTA’s advocacy efforts came to fruition most notably with the passage of HB 3, which increased education funding and changed aspects of the recapture formula, providing some budget relief for their school district.

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