Standard 6: Collaborate with Community

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National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

Collaborate with Community


The school collaborates with community organizations and members to connect students, families and staff to expanded learning opportunities, community services and civic participation.

National Standards 6

Goal 1:

Build a Strong Foundation for Community Partnerships

Does the school have a plan for when and how to engage community partners?

  • Map community needs and assets
  • Align partnerships to school improvement planning
  • Work with partners to clarify roles and responsibilities 

Goal 2:

Connect the School with Community Partners

Do family and school leaders work closely with community organizations, businesses and institutions of higher education?

  • Understand issues affecting the community and contribute to community-wide solutions 
  • Address student and family basic needs through community resources
  • Build staffs’ cultural competence through community partnerships
  • Act as a hub of community life

Transforming Family-School Partnerships with PTA’s National Standards – Webinar 5: Collaborate with Community

Relevant Resources


  • Explore California's Community Schools Partnership Act to see how policy can legislate strong and intentional community partnerships that focus on student learning.



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Collaborate with Community