Standard 5: Share Power

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National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

Share Power


The school partners with families in decisions that affect children and families and together—as a team—inform, influence, and create policies, practices and programs.

National Standards 5

Goal 1:

Strengthen the Family’s Voice in Shared Decision Making

Are families partners in making decisions that affect their children at school and in the community?

  • Transparently and accessibly communicate about decision-making processes
  • Build shared knowledge about decisions that affect children
  • Give families and students voice in decisions that affect children
  • Identify and remedy power imbalances
  • Track data and fill gaps for representative input and power in decisions

Goal 2:

Build Families’ Connections

Do families have a strong, broad-based organization that offers regular opportunities to develop relationships and raise concerns with school leaders, public officials and business and community leaders?

  • Connect families to local officials
  • Foster student and family leadership and civic engagement
  • Support the development of an effective family/parent organization that represents all families

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