Standard 4: Speak Up for Every Child

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National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

Speak Up for Every Child


The school affirms family and student expertise and advocacy so that all students are treated fairly and have access to relationships and opportunities that will support their success.

National Standards 4

Goal 1:

Navigate the School System

Are families knowledgeable and able to raise questions or concerns about their child’s educational experience?

  • Build school staffs’ skills to build trust and problem-solve with students and families
  • Make it easy to understand how the school and district operate
  • Comply with families’ rights under federal and state laws
  • Connect families to resources that address their questions or concerns
  • Make school staff and families aware of conflict resolution processes and apply them fairly 

Goal 2:

Address inequitable outcomes and access

Does the school remove barriers for families to be advocates for and with students’, particularly those who are most marginalized?

  • Encourage community and leadership among historically under-represented groups
  • Share understandable, disaggregated data on school progress and practices
  • Recognize and work to eliminate bias in family engagement practices and policies

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