Standard 3: Support Student Success

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National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

Support Student Success


The school builds the capacity of families and educators to continuously collaborate to support students’ academic, social and emotional learning.

National Standards 3

Goal 1:

Team-Up For Student Success

Are families, students and educators on the same page about how students are progressing?

  • Support educators to partner with families and students to set social, emotional and academic goals
  • Provide an understandable and accurate picture of student progress, using multiple measures (classwork, rubrics, observations, assessments, etc.)
  • Ensure accessible, regular, two-way communication about student learning and wellbeing

Goal 2:

Support Learning by Engaging Families

Are families valued partners in their children’s learning at home and at school?

  • Get to know students and families and their strengths
  • Invite families to contribute to classroom learning
  • Provide families guidance and activities to support social, emotional and academic learning at home
  • Promote learning and enrichment outside of school
  • Help families and students plan for the future

Transforming Family-School Partnerships with PTA’s National Standards – Webinar 3: Support Student Success

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