Standard 2: Communicate Effectively

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National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

Communicate Effectively


The school supports staff to engage in proactive, timely, and two-way communication so that all families can easily understand and contribute to their child’s educational experience.

National Standards 2

Goal 1:

Exchange Information Between School and Families

Are families able to receive and share information in culturally and linguistically sustaining ways?

  • Learn about and meet families’ communication preferences
  • Address access by providing interpretation, translation, and/or accommodations
  • Coordinate information-sharing across communication outlets
  • Gather family input and report back with how input was used
  • Foster transparency and enable families to follow-up
  • Co-create engagement plans for times of crisis

Goal 2:

Facilitate Parent-Teacher Communication

Does the school promote communication between families and teachers? Do the school’s efforts encourage engagement with and among the diversity of families in the community?

  • Co-develop communication expectations with families and staff
  • Provide time, training and resources for parent-teacher communication
  • Solicit teacher and family feedback on how communication is going and what could be improved

Transforming Family-School Partnerships with PTA’s National Standards – Webinar 2: Communicate Effectively

Relevant Resources


  • Explore Washington State's Language Access Policy and consider how your state can better welcome and encourage the presence of diverse cultures and the use of diverse languages



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