Standard 1: Welcome All Families

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National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

Welcome All Families


The school treats families as valued partners in their child’s education and facilitates a sense of belonging in the school community.

National Standards 1

Goal 1:

Building a Community of Belonging

When families engage with the school, do they feel respected, understood and connected to the school community?

  • Learn about families and foster respectful attitudes 
  • Provide time, training and resources for relationship-building 
  • Facilitate opportunities for restoration and connection, especially with families and students historically marginalized 
  • Use culturally and linguistically responsive engagement practices
  • Invite families to contribute to the school community 

Goal 2:

Creating an Inclusive Environment

Do the school’s efforts encourage engagement with and among the diversity of families in the community?

  • Encourage school staff to see engaging all families as part of their responsibilities 
  • Create an accessible, family-friendly campus and/or virtual school 
  • Track family engagement data and regularly examine to identify gaps in access 
  • Learn about and remove barriers for families to participate fully

Transforming Family-School Partnerships with PTA’s National Standards – Webinar 1: Welcome All Families

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