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Use the National PTA Fundraising Marketplace to find vendors and services to help make your PTA fundraiser a success. For more fundraising event ideas, visit our PTA Fundraising page.

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Proud National Fundraising Services

Boosterthon Fun Run

Boosterthon provides a hassle-free, character and fitness-based fundraiser that raises schools a ton of money.

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The schools that switch to Boosterthon raise 70% more on average. Seriously.

Here's how we do it:

  • Proven communication plan that gets results
  • Easy pledging site that reaches more donors
  • Experienced Fun Run team that takes the load off your shoulders

Get started at the Boosterthon website.


Chuck E Cheese's

Fundraise at Chuck E. Cheese’s and earn up to 20% of sales generated. Plus, Chuck E. will drop by your school or non-profit to promote it!

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Fundraise at Chuck E. Cheese’s and earn up to 20% of sales generated. Plus, Chuck E. will drop by your school or non-profit to promote it!

Schedule today at

Chuck E Cheese FuNdraiser

Race for Education

Emphasize the wellness and physical activity of all students to raise significant funds for educational programs and activities while you Race For Education.

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Simplicity + Fun = Amazing Fundraising Results

  • Up to 85% profit for your school.
  • Eliminates families having to sell "products" to relatives, neighbors, and friends, and, instead, is a fundraiser that involves a minimal amount of time for parents.
  • Emphasizes wellness and physical activity for all students.
  • Parents and students love the success, sense of community, and joy in the program.
  • Enjoy your Race Day with the children, teachers, parents, and fans.
  • Step back and take pride in the fact that your Race for Education event raised significant amounts to fund a range of educational programs & activities.
  • Contact us today for your free Informational Packet. Visit or call (717) 432-5908.

Race For Education

Scholastic Book Clubs

Every Scholastic Book Clubs order earns FREE Books for your child’s class!

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Get started today by connecting to your child’s teacher online:

Scholastic Book Club


TreeRing has helped PTAs and schools raise more than $2 million, because their process is pretty straightforward.

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If you’re going to do a yearbook, make some money from it.

  • Add any amount to the price of your yearbook as a fundraiser.
  • Parents and students buy their books like they normally would.
  • We give you 100% of the fundraising dollars collected.

A yearbook company that actually pays you? You heard that right.

Request a free yearbook sample to learn more today.

Tree Ring

Willy Nilly

Easy For You – No Planning and Make Money Too!

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Our Literacy Night Adventure Package includes everything you need to set up a student adventure through your school. The planning is done for you!

Students, teachers & parents can join in the fun. And your school will receive 30% of the sales of our award-winning Willy Nilly Stories children’s books.

Willy Nilly