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Consistency is Key

PTA has established guidelines for the proper use of the PTA name, logos, and tagline (everychild.onevoice). When used properly, PTA’s logo and tagline create a consistent message, help to unify all PTAs, and set PTA apart from the competition.

The success of our PTA brand identity system depends on all PTAs’ adherence to the established guidelines. The following guidelines are provided to establish a uniform, effective system for PTAs to use in order to maintain a consistent, visual style and brand identity for all PTA-produced materials.


These guidelines will create a distinctive, credible and sustainable messaging for all supporting PTA units, to gain their loyalty and grow our organization, resulting in the organization working together–as one team with one voice.

We have a duty to our members to provide reliable, legible and uniform resources. This style guide is intended to assist you in that process. In general, National PTA follows the Associated Press Stylebook, with very few exceptions

Suggestions for how to manage advertising for your PTA's publications, newsletters, and website.

A list of vanity URLs for the National PTA website for use when linking to National PTA content.

PTA Logos & Graphics

Learn how to make your own custom PTA/PTSA logo.

Official State PTA Logos

State PTA logos are available in our State Resource Bank's Communications Resources (access requires National PTA login and State Leader permissions).