Children in Military Families

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In Focus: Children in Military Families

  • Nearly 44% of active duty military members, and 43% of Reserve members, have children—an average of two children per military family. There are currently 1.2 million children of active duty military members worldwide.[1]

  • Approximately 2 million children in military families have experienced a parent’s deployment since 2001.[2] During that time, 41,000 children have experienced a deployed service member parent being killed, wounded, injured, or seriously ill.[3]

  • Military family moves may provide both positive and negative experiences for children, including increased family cohesiveness and resilience as well as stress and loneliness.[4]

Key Strategies for Inclusion

  • Initiate contact. Identify military-connected children in the school and initiate contact with their families.

  • Support successful transitions. Develop strategies to help military families move through key transition issues. Be flexible with meetings and events to accommodate military schedules.

  • Facilitate educational continuity. Facilitate continuity in educational progress, records and placement by talking with children, parents, teachers and school administrators.

  • Recognize sensitive issues. Provide guidelines for families and teachers to discuss issues related to military action.

  • Advocate for military children and families. Consult the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.

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