How We PTA

PTA is no longer a noun.

It’s a verb—an action plan working to support your child’s success.

There’s no wrong way to PTA. However you do it, it’s all an investment in your child. PTA to support your child’s teachers and curriculum. PTA to advocate on the issues impacting your child and affect change at the local, state and national levels. PTA to build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive school community.

We invite every family to PTA, because we can do more together than apart.

How do you PTA?

Share your story with us by using #HowWePTA on social media. Need some inspiration? Check out the amazing stories from people across the country sharing how they PTA.

This is How We PTA

  Woodstock High pic 5

Woodstock HS PTSA

Woodstock, Georgia
FOCUS: Mental Health/Social-Emotional Support
SOLUTION: Outdoor Lunch Space with Social Distance Features

Woodstock High School PTSA in Georgia had a vision to support the over 2,200 students feeling excited and anxious to return to school. They partnered with an alumni landscaping business owner and a parent who is a general contractor to create a large outdoor patio outside of the school cafeteria, thanks to funding from the COVID-19 PTA Relief Grant, sponsored by TikTok. Now, students can gather in a socially distanced seating area—with picnic tables and umbrellas—to safely reconnect with friends, and build new friendships, before school and during lunch!

“With tremendous support from the school and community, we created a beautiful natural gathering area for our students. Parents have shared how much they appreciate how we’ve supported the emotional well-being of our students. Thank you for helping us realize our vision!” –Woodstock HS PTSA, Georgia

TikTok Grant Story_Cedar Creek_IG stat

Cedar Creek Elementary School PTA

Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey
FOCUS: Internet and Device Access
SOLUTION: Outdoor Lunch Space with Social Distance Features

As students at Cedar Creek Elementary School in Lanoka Harbor, NJ moved to remote learning after schools shut down, children who were in reading programs that focused on improving reading skills were significantly impacted. To continue the intense in-person education they were receiving, they each needed a special headset with a microphone that corrects errors as they read aloud. Using the COVID-19 PTA Relief Fund Grant sponsored by TikTok, the Cedar Creek PTA was able to supply 220 students with these specialized headsets, ensuring they continue their reading program online so they learn to read and don’t fall behind.

"We are so incredibly grateful for this help! This will directly benefit our children and without this grant we would not be able to provide this reading program for our students, Thank you!" - Joanie Donahue, School Supervisor

Lutz K-8 PTA 

Lutz K-8 PTA

Lutz, Florida
FOCUS: Food Security
SOLUTION: Weekly Meal Packs

Hurricane season in Lutz, Fla. unfortunately coincided with the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many families were unable to get food on the table, much less stockpile food for storms. Many students at Lutz K-8 School do not have proper access to food, so the PTA worked with the nonprofit One More Child and used the relief grant funding from TikTok to purchase nutritious food at wholesale prices, and store and handle the food in accordance with FDA food safety regulations and CDC guidance. The impact: Providing food to over 140 students for eight weeks!

"With our communities in turmoil, this grant gave us one less worry for our students and their families. Providing meals to over 140 students each week has been amazing, and our families were very thankful." —Lori Branham, Principal of Lutz K8 School