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National PTA 2023 Program Funding Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

National PTA is offering over $600K to over 500 PTAs to help conduct programs in school communities. The application period is now closed.

Contact us at if you need additional assistance. We are here to support you every step of the way.

The following are responses to some frequently asked questions.


General Questions

What funding opportunities are available this year?

National PTA offers funding for PTAs to host PTA programs for families in the areas of digital safety, STEM, literacy, healthy lifestyles and the arts. National PTA programs help engage, educate and inspire students and families. While the cost of the program is free, the funding helps to cover the costs of custodial services, food, transportation and translation services to ensure all families can participate.

Here’s what's offered this year:

Programs for All Ages
  • PTA Healthy Minds, sponsored by the New York Life Foundation and The Allstate Foundation – Learn more.
  • Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement, sponsored by the family of Mary Lou Anderson –  Learn more.
  • PTA Wellness Fairs, sponsored by Walmart – Learn more.
  • PTA Connected: The Smart Talk, sponsored by Norton - Learn more
Programs for Elementary School
  • PTA Connected: Ready, Tech, Go!, sponsored by AT&T – Learn more.
  • STEM + Families Propelling Our World, sponsored by Huntington Ingalls Industries – Learn more.
  • STEM + Families Science Festival, sponsored by Bayer Fund –  Learn more.
  • PTA Connected: Be Internet Awesome, sponsored by Google + YouTube –  Learn more.
Programs for or Middle or High School
  • Healthy Bodies Tobacco Prevention Campaign, sponsored by The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids –  Learn more.
Programs for High School
  • PTA Connected: Build Up and Belong, sponsored by Discord - Learn more.

Why should we apply?
We’ve heard from PTAs across the country that your programs lead to new connections with local partners, attract new members and bring people together for learning and fun. Collectively, this can add up to a big difference in tackling tough challenges facing your schools, youth and communities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

What can this funding be used for?

Programs are free, but you may face implementation costs such as custodial services, food, transportation and translation services. Our funding is flexible so you can decide how to meet your needs and make your program a success.

Who can request this funding?

All PTAs in good standing are welcome. Funding has helped our member PTAs of every size, in every state, representing students and families of diverse backgrounds—including many Title I schools and PTAs that have never received this funding. However, some of these opportunities have eligibility requirements (like grade or location). Please visit for specific eligibility requirements.

How can we be considered for this funding?

It’s quick and easy to express interest. Answer just a few questions and your PTA could receive $1,250 or more. There’s no need for any special writing or technical skills to apply. We want to hear your PTA story and how the funding could make a positive impact on your school community. Learn more at

When is the deadline?

Apply for funding by Wednesday, Oct. 4 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Application and Selection Process

What are you looking for?

We recommend you look at our scoring system (en español) as you complete the online form, so you know what the judges will be looking for. 

When will we find out if we have been selected to receive funding?

Funding recipients will be announced in mid-November. Program implementation, unless otherwise stated, is expected to take place between January and April. PTAs will receive regular support, communication and opportunities for collaboration from National PTA Programs Staff throughout the program process. 

Can I apply for multiple funding opportunities?

This year, you can apply for multiple program grants, including ones you’ve received in the past. While you are only eligible to receive one grant, we encourage you to seek funding for more than one program.

Support and Resources

Who should I contact if I need help?

If you have questions about how to host a program in your community, make sure to talk to other PTA members and your school administration. If you have questions about the application process or how to run a National PTA program, email

What kind of support will be offered if our PTA receives funding?

Throughout the program year, your PTA will receive regular email communication and resources from National PTA staff as well as the ability to join grant chats alongside other local PTA leaders. A dedicated inbox is also available for any questions that may arise at